Came across your website, which is great and very funny in places, but hey, give us a break, don't use stuff which is still really recent. I know it may seem bizarre to you, but some of my family are still getting over it and don't need to see it splashed across a web site. How would you like it if it was your Dad???


I'VE BEEN WAITING for your message — or actually, one like it — since I put up the site. Believe me when I say that I'd thought about the question long and hard. While I do understand and sympathize with the grief and anger you must feel at having to relive your private pain, as do I'm sure others close to the unfortunates featured on my page, I came to realize that such a request as you make simply isn't realistic. Every victim has a living family who in this day and age might unexpectedly find information about themselves or a loved one plastered on the electronic front page we call the Internet. But I couldn't do my site justice if I attempted to restrict myself only to those stories about persons who died so long ago that none their heirs still felt any sentimental attachment to them. One of the reasons I include the stories I ultimately select for posting is that I myself feel strongly about them. (You might want to go back on the site and read my Foreword.)

You say you enjoyed parts of my site. What would you say to the families of the victims featured in those stories?

I apologize for any harm that I may have done.

MORE THAN A YEAR LATER I received another email about the same article. The sender's relation to the St Aubyns was left stated:

What right do you have to keep information on your site about Molesworth St Aubyn which is frankly obtrussive [sic] and unfair to him and his family. I think it is also appalling to have it under a site called Aint No Way to Go. I would like a reply.

Yours scincerely [sic]

P.S. I would also like to know why you would want to post information of this kind on the net and why. Because frankly the way your site is set up it is blatently [sic] obvious it is for humour which i find sick and twisted., Mar 21, 2001

WHILE THE GENERAL TONE of the site is light, a good many of the articles posted there are anything but humorous. Death is only a theme — and a strong one — but I'm mainly interested in good stories. If you truly wish to know the entire raison d'etre of my site, I strongly recommend that you read the Foreword. In the meantime, the response below, originally written over a year ago, should somewhat clarify my purpose. [See above.]


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