DULUTH, MN — Patricia Kay McCleary married, gave birth and died — all in less than a day.

The Lutheran Church of Bigfork was nearly full Saturday afternoon as friends and family members said goodbye to the 42-year-old McCleary, who died early Nov. 28.

She married Rick McCleary on Nov. 27, and suffered a brain aneurysm soon after. She was airlifted to Duluth, where her baby was delivered by caesarean section the next morning after his mother was pronounced brain dead.

She suffered an aneurysm after the wedding; her baby was born the next morning after she was declared dead.

The boy, Rocky, was born premature just six months into the pregnancy, and relatives said he was doing well.

"I still can't believe it," said Donna Wass, McCleary's mother. "She was in real good health. She was having these headaches but the doctor fixed her up for that. They thought she was having them because she was pregnant."

It was the third marriage for Patricia McCleary, and her fourth child. At her memorial service, she was remembered as someone who cared deeply about children. McCleary's family isn't sure what caused the aneurysm. "We think it was the excitement of getting married and everything," Wass said.