This is unhuman [sic], what chance did these poor squirrels have? What kind of monsters could do this to a little animal. Little dog in our neighbor hood, had acid poured on it. They didn't expect it to live, but is alive. Having rough time, owner has to bath [sic] each day, even though painful. Teenagers in our neighborhoods, have nothing better to do. Took back my street 2 years in a row. Old people live here. They were afraid, I wasn't. And will take back my streets again, if I have to. This web page, needs to be distributed to all news casters.... Just think what these people would do to another human being?? That it was necessary!! They could of found another way!!!!!!!!!!!


Unclaimed Freight:
Associated Press, Apr 15, 1999
  Airline uses shredder to dispose of unclaimed baggage — 440 squirrels.