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Strange Devices: Weird, Weirder, and Weirdest of the Web

Ain't No Way to Go is an entertaining site with articles on how people have dropped dead, from the long drawn-out assassination of Rasputin and suicide cults like Heaven's Gate to death by lethal car and a student's self-injection with syphilis in front of an audience.

alt.culture: Contains everything you've always wanted to know about alternative culture.

The Astounding B Monster is the place to check out for offbeat films of all kinds.

Autopsy means "see for yourself". It is a special surgical operation, performed by specially-trained physicians, on a dead body. Its purpose is to learn the truth about the person's health during life, and how the person really died. And Ed Friedlander, M.D., Pathologist, shows you how it's done.

The Backyard Bat Page is a labor of love, with all kinds of information about our insect-eating friends, who often get a bad rap. How to build a bat house, myths about the bat, a bat newsletter, color photos, etc.

Bad Art is a site to shake your head at, to gloat over, and to laugh at—and you can add your own bad art to the ever-expanding gallery.

Bat Conservation International, for people who want to know more about bats.

Betty Boop, that gorgeous "it" girl of cartoons who started as a dog (literally) has (at least) three sites devoted to her. Here's a second site, and a third, and then there's The Betty Boop Fan Club.

Bill Nye, the Science Guy, entertains and enlightens as he demonstrates various experiments for your delectation.

Bizarre Magazine has a complementary website with articles and photographs on eating many kinds of insects, a column inviting bizarre questions from the public, etc. A fun time-waster.

Bizarre Stuff You Can Make in Your Kitchen is a sort of warped semi-scientific cookbook of tricks, gimmicks, and pointless experimentation, concoctions, and devices, using, for the most part, things found around the house. Just the thing to keep junior busy.

The Bud E. Luv homepage for those of you who missed the book. A major talent. You bet. The lounge singer who will drive you to tears, or drink, or whatever.

The Bureau of Atomic Tourism is dedicated to the promotion of tourist locations around the world that have either been the site of atomic explosions, display exhibits on the development of atomic devices, or contain vehicles that were designed to deliver atomic weapons.

The Burns Archive is a must-see site with historical vintage photographs. The Burns collection has been the subject of several excellent books, including Sleeping Beauty: Memorial Photography in America, Masterpieces of Medical Photography, and Harm's Way: Lust and Madness, Murder and Mayhem.

Captivated: Chronicles From the Fringe is Sheldon Nadelman's Master Plan: a look at society through a cynical eye, a vision Sheldon gazed upon every day at work, a vision of society headed in the wrong direction. Excellent, with photographs.

The Christian Catacombs of Rome site gives the virtual visitor a history of the catacombs, their importance, an overview of Christian symbols of the period, and information on visiting those sites that are open to tourists.

Cecil Adams created a wonderful column called "The Straight Dope" that appears in various newspapers. In it, Adams answers questions—all kinds of questions, stupid or smart. This is his authorized web site, and you can read his columns on it.

CIA-World Factbook provides information on the Central Intelligence Agency.

CIA's Homepage for Kids

City of the Silent: Here's a site for those interested in cemeteries and gravestones. It surveys the history of cemeteries, displays photographs of interesting cemetery art, gives instruction on the art of gravestone rubbing, and gives links to other death-related sites.

The Clown Hall of Fame, opened in 1987, is physically located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but here's a web site for those interested in the subject. It includes a brief history of clowning, descriptions of the various types of clowns (with pictures), and bios and illustrations of the inductees.

Codex: Everything you want to know about privacy and security can be found in the Codex Privacy Suite.

Black Ops: The Conspiracy Theory Homepage is an excellent guide to all kinds of conspiracies and conspiracy theories. The keepers of the site, Robert Anton Wilson and Miriam Joan Hill, recently published a book on the subject, Everything Is Under Control: Conspiracies, Cults, and Cover-Ups.

Consumer Product Safety is an ugly but useful site with important information, courtesy of the U.S. government.

The Contortionist Homepage has photographs and profiles on practitioners of this art, plus training tips and other invaluable information.

David Cronenberg is an unofficial website devoted to archiving everything connected to the brilliant Canadian director. It includes a filmography, rumors of upcoming projects, reviews of his movies, interviews, and links to other sites of interest to Cronenberg fans.

Cult Films enables you to check out (in one line descriptions) and buy all the weird exploitation, SF, war, western, you-name-it films that you can stand.

The Sociology of Death and Dying is a somewhat light view of the inevitable. You can get your own "death clock" going.

The Digital Freedom Network is an international human rights organization that publishes censored material on the Internet.

Dr. Vulture's Laboratory of Evil Science is a brilliant combination of the informative and gently satirical. It features a gallery of real and fictional evil scientists — including Darwin and Freud, (Dr.) Prospero and the Invisible Man — a "travel guide" of mythical monsters, and much more that will provide numerous hours of entertainment.

Dream Technologies International is the first and largest reproductive cloning provider. Testimonials from happy parents, information about how cloning works. You decide which is the straight dope on this site.

Dumb Laws, proving once again that there's no limit to man's stupidity.

Edible Insects points out that it is virtually impossible that you have not ingested insects in one form or another during your lifetime. So hey, you might as well make the best of the situation and eat them on purpose.

Electronic Postcards: Send an electronic postcard. Your online postcard can have beautiful or icky photographs and illustrations, everything from Van Gogh to Man Ray, the life cycle of the flea to pictures of the denizens of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Not as fast as email but a lot more fun . . .

Evidence: The True Witness is a beautifully designed and enormously entertaining site on forensic science, with games, glossary, reference section, information on careers in the field, and other nifty features.

The Fantastic Films of Ray Harryhausen takes an in-depth look at the life and films of Ray Harryhausen.

Felix the Cat has several pages devoted to him. You can read the history of this character, see some of the original strips, including a "never reprinted" special Christmas strip from 1925, and see Felix posters. And there are links to other Felix pages. Also check out The Internet Church of Felix, the Cat, God, and another Felix site.

The Filled Pause Research Center is a fascinating site analysing those little fillers we all use when talking like . . . uh . . . off the cuff.

The Florida Department of Corrections is a fascinating site with an offender network through which you can look up prisoners, public opinion surveys on what people really think about chain gangs, employment opportunities and more.

Flying Contraptions is a terrific site run by a guy willing to share his magnificent obsessions with weird flying machines with all of us.

Forensic Entomology is the use of insects, and their arthropod relatives, that inhabit decomposing remains to aid legal investigations. Neat.

The Froggy Page contains "links to froggy things from various places on the net, for your enjoyment."

Frankenstein is an exhibit sponsored by the National Library of Medicine and charts the evolution of Dr. Frankenstein and his monster from Mary Shelley's novel to modern times.

Futile is simply futile. Oh, just go look.

Goats/goat shrine: Whoever runs the Goats/goat shrine website is obviously obsessed with the critters. They really love their goats and can tell you anything you ever wanted to know about them. And you can see photographs of their faves.

The Head-hunting Gallery is a virtual museum of ethnographic material related to head-hunting, cannibalism, sideshows, oddities, and curiosities.

The High Energy Weapons Archive: A Guide to Nuclear Weapons is intended to illuminate for the reader the effects of these nasty devices, and to warn against their use.

The Hitchcock Page is for fans of Psycho, The Birds, and everything else that the great director had a hand in. Here's a second site about the man whose profile is so famous.

History of Things That Never Were is an intriguing site by Edgar Governo about alternative histories created on television, movies, books, and comics.

The Hour of the Wolf is the homepage of Jim Freund, one of our chat show hosts, and a great one it is, with information about and links to many of Jim's enthusiasms—including his radio show, Steeleye Span, science fiction and fantasy—and a list of recommended reading.

How Stuff Works is a great place to learn about . . . well, how things work. Have you ever wondered how the engine makes your car go, or what gears do, or what makes the inside of your refrigerator cold? Then How Stuff Works is the place for you!

Inconspicuous Consumption is a wonderful site by Paul Lukas, who formerly did the column for The New York Press and New York Magazine. He covers such items as reindeer paté and other canned meats, tooth towels—when brushing is just not enough—etc.

Insect Recipes: How much do you really like insects? Enough to try check out the Insect Recipe Pages? Anyone for Banana Worm Bread or Chocolate Chirpie Chip Cookies?

Internet Crime Archive is an enormously entertaining site about murder and mayhem.

Jack the Ripper Casebook is a site dedicated to the many interpretations of data relating to one of the most famous serial killers of all time.

Chuck Jones, creator of Wile E. Coyote, Daffy Duck, and other cartoon characters we know and love (or hate), has a site devoted to his life and work.

Kite Aerial Photography was created by Charles C. Benton as a place to gather and record notes regarding his developing interest in aerial photography from kites.

The Kooks Museum, according to creator Donna Kossy, is intended to "document and study the vast cornucopia of forgotten, discredited and extreme ideas, with all due consideration to social and cultural context."

Deb and Jen's Land O' Useless Facts will tell you how Dr. Seuss actually pronounced his name, which tiger subspecies have the most and the least stripes, the lifespan of a tastebud, and other arcane facts.

Los Angeles Coroner's Office is the unofficial website for the L.A. Coroner's Office, with a FAQ and, more to the point, a wonderfully macabre gift shop from which you can order a toe tag keychain, a wristwatch with a chalk-line body logo, bath towels with the same logo, etc. Tasteless? You bet.

MeatMation is kind of indescribable but worth a look/read.

Men in Black is a monthly magazine that's not only about those ubiquitous men in black but also about mysterious creatures like the New Jersey Devil, about Houdini, and about alien technology.

The Morbid Fact of the Day has been supplying the good news since August 1996. They've got quite an archive by now and it grows daily.

The Museum of Bad Art is a community-based, private institution dedicated to the collection, preservation, exhibition and celebration of bad art in all its forms and in all its glory. A fun site to while away some spare time.

The Museum of Jurassic Technology has been immortalized in Lawrence Weschler's book about it: Mr. Wilson's Cabinet of Wonder. This museum of natural and not-so-natural oddities and wonders exists in Los Angeles but now you can visit it on the web.

The Mutter Museum at the College of Physicians in Philadelphia finally has a page of its own (as a part of the Roadside America site). This is an amazing collection of pathological specimens and monstrosities such as the world's largest colon, a cast of the woman with a "horn" coming out of her forehead, and all the wonderful things humans have ingested and had surgically removed (an awful lot of buttons).

Myths and Legends from all around the world.

Name that Candybar and take a break from the serious stuff in your life. Can you identify candy bars by their cross sections? Test your skill!

The National Association of Investigative Specialists is a trade organization for private eyes, which for the past 16 years has been seeking to create positive publicity for the trade. Are you a private eye or thinking of becoming one? If you join you can receive their newsletter; get airline, car rental, and book discounts; and attend the annual convention.

The Night Gallery is a must for horror fans and readers.

IBM Patent Server gives access to all U.S. patents filed since 1971 and includes inventions like the human slingshot machine and non-staling aerated bubble gum.

Primal Scream: The Voice of Rage is a website devoted to crime and justice with a calendar of historical criminal dates, photographs of the Gein family burial plot, a library of articles on criminal justice and criminal ravings, links, etc.

The Pulp Zone is a fine site dedicated to preserving the pulp sf magazines of yesteryear. It exhibits old pulp covers and reprints some of the old pulp stories.

The Gallery of Regrettable Food presents recipes and advertising from earlier decades, and features Eleanor Roosevelt hawking a "simple hot dog with mustard" (but you haven't seen/heard anything until you've witnessed the lady "singing" "High Hopes" on the Frank Sinatra variety show of yesteryear).

Roadkill Network: At the Roadkill Network site you can order and buy roadkill—for eating or whatever.

Roller Coasters: Inventing the Scream Machine is a wonderfully fun and informative site about the history and physics of roller coasters, with photographs. But no cotton candy, unfortunately.

The Sea-Monkey Worship Homepage tells all about those weird creatures (actually brine shrimp) that, according to the creator of the site "are amazing pets, portable, active, disposable. . . . They are easily replaced every two to three months. What other pet comes with a replacement guarantee!!! Watch them as they are born—watch them as they grow—watch them as they raise small families in the plastic tank you are supplied with."

Serial Killers is a subsection of The Internet Crime Archive, mentioned above; it catalogs serial killers by the number of victims and tells you their various crimes.

Killer Sheep are on the loose and this page advises how to recognize them, avoid confrontations, and what's being done to counter these terrifying creatures.

Shelby — My Mom's Chihuahua is a cute little dog dressed up in hats, etc. This site is guaranteed to cheer you up.

Sideshow Banners is a wonderful site with some of the colorful banners of the old freak shows, commentary on what was advertised and what you actually got, a lexicon of carny lingo, and lots more about this great bit of Americana.

Sissy is parody of Sassy magazine.

The Smoking Gun displays an internal FBI memo about the Disney movie That Darn Cat discussing whether the film would sully the agency's reputation; a traffic ticket given to X-Files star David Duchovny; autopsy reports of infamous murder cases; and other fabulous documents.

Sources eJournal is another source for spies and those interested in them.

Spike Web, Net Detective is an online game that enables you to "fight crime on the Internet with a sort of AI program."

Squashed Bug Zoo is exactly what it says—and if you have your own favorite squashed bug you can send it in for posterity to view online.

Stomp Tokyo is an excellent, easy-to-navigate site for video reviews by title and by genre. It also has message boards, links to buy movies (in turn, linking to filmographies of each movie's director and stars.

Survival Research Laboratories was conceived of and founded by Mark Pauline in November 1978. Since its inception, SRL has operated as an organization of creative technicians dedicated to re-directing the techniques, tools, and tenets of industry, science, and the military away from their typical manifestations in practicality, product, or warfare. It's art—weird art, but art.

Survivors International provides psychological and medical treatment to survivors of torture around the world.

Sybot, created by David Lawrence, is a very personal, visually rich cyber site in which you can get enjoyably lost, with art, music, reading about the Buddha, and just jumping around from section to section. It's also a kind of weirdly imaginative search engine for things of interest to its creator, pointing the way to international chat, tarot readings, favorite music sites, and plenty more.

Temporal Anomalies in Popular Time Travel Movies or . . . glitches discovered by someone who obviously has way too much time on his hands.

Theremin: The theremin is an instrument played by waving your hands over it. The eerie music in The Day the Earth Stood Still is theremin music. I saw a documentary about its Russian-born inventor. He had an incredible life—after living in the United States after World War II, he visited the Soviet Union in the '50s, was spirited away, and basically disappeared for about 20 years. There are several theremin sites. How many of them you want to check out is up to you.

Theremin 2 | Theremin 3 | Theremin 4 | Theremin 5
Theremin 6 | Theremin 7 | Theremin 8 | Theremin 9

Twilight Zone Directory provides fans of the classic television show with listings of each episode, with actors, directors, and plot summaries.

Unwise Microwave Experiments should you be bored.

Urban Primitive Design Studio: At the Urban Primitive Design Studio you can learn about and see piercing, tattooing, scarification.

The Useless Facts Page has such items as "the only food cockroaches WON'T eat are cucumbers"—yeah, right . . .

John Waters is someone you need to know about. Creator of Pink Flamingos, Female Trouble, Desperate Living, Polyester, and other tasteless movie classics.

Why Cats Paint is based on the book of the same title. It's a very funny excursion into the minds of cats and showcases individual felines' unique talents in the fine arts.

Wonderbook: The Magazine for Curious Readers is a charming oddity published by Kathryn Cramer, using public domain art, short stories, poetry, nonsense rhymes, and riddles. Cramer has recreated a paean to Victoriana for children and adults; a world of innocence and sweetness.

The Official X-Files site

Zombies on the Web is fascinating site compiled by David J. Chalmers, Associate Professor in the Department of Philosphy at the University of Santa Cruz.

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