Welcome to My Nightmare
A doctor attempting to cheat death is sentenced to life.
(Philadelphia Inquirer, Apr 23, 1999)
Marshall Klavan, a doctor at Crozer-Chester Medical Center, wanted to die. He said so in notes he wrote just before attempting
suicide in his office two years ago. His fellow doctors at the hospital didn't let him, and he remains alive, but in a vegetative state ...
(Chapter 3)

Dreams Die Hard
Aspiring actor fails to make record climb but nonetheless achieves dream—front page news.
(New York Post, Apr 3, 1999)
Aformer Junior Olympic boxer trying to kickstart his acting career by climbing five bridges in four hours fell to his death yesterday
when he slipped from a cable on the Brooklyn Bridge ...
(Chapter 1)

Two unlikely accidents at the ballpark, fifteen years apart.
(Chapter 5)

Brains Come Last
Evolutionary conundrum deftly illustrates process of natural selection.
(Chapter 5)

There You Go
Divine justice catches up with controversial defense attorney.
(Chapter 4)

Unclaimed Freight
Airline uses industrial shredder to dispose of unclaimed baggage—440 live squirrels.
(Chapter 9)

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