The Lure of the Dare
Oversized aquarium-dweller is the bait that bags piscivorous partygoer.
(Akron Beacon Journal, Jan 30, 1998)
When paramedics responding to the call in the 1400 block of Edgemoor Avenue found Gentner, he wasn't breathing and the
tail of the still-living fish was sticking out of his mouth ...
(Chapter 5)

Watch Your Step
Office worker is caught in the wheels of the daily grind.
(New York Times, Sep 17, 1987)
In a few seconds, after the stairs had climbed a short distance, the step on which she stood collapsed, creating a sheer drop. She
fell feet first inside the machinery and was pulled by a conveyor belt inside ...
(Chapter 4)

Don't Turn
on the Lights:

If you don't want to know what's for dinner--don't ask.
(Chapter 9)

Asleep at the Wheel:
Tipsy New Year's reveller found frozen after tipping vehicle--his wheelchair--in bitter cold.
(Chapter 4)

An Old-Fashioned
Shotgun Wedding

One more reason to frisk the in-laws before the nuptials.
(Chapter 5)

Got Milk?
A brief public service announcement for our Japanese friends.
(Chapter 10)


Blunder Drug:
The death toll continues to mount.
(Chapter 3)
Drinks are
on the House:

Coroner's report partially exonerates aversion therapists.
(Chapter 3)

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