Road Rage
When the family car becomes the family weapon.
(Los Angeles Times, Jan 15, 1998)
Moments after taunting and tailgating another driver, a mother and daughter
were killed in a devastating wrong-way collision on the Golden State
Freeway in Sylmar when they sideswiped a car and crashed head-on into ...
(Chapter 5)

Drinks are On the House
Alcoholism counselors grow too fond of aversion therapy.
(Los Angeles Times, Jun 11, 1998)
Enrique Bravo's battle with alcohol ended with his death. Prosecutors
contend it was an attempted cure that killed him — and perhaps others ...
(Chapter 3)

Blunder Drug
Popular impotence cure Viagra leaves some users a little stiffer than expected.
(Los Angeles Times, Jun 10, 1998)
The fatalities ranged from the oldest man, an 80-year-old who collapsed
suddenly in the middle of having sex, to the youngest, a 48-year-old,
who experienced chest pains while having sex and later died in a hospital ...
(Chapter 3)

News Nuggets:

Danish Bacon:

NATO's taste in targets for its high-velocity weaponry leaves the English a little queasy.
(Chapter 9)


S.U.D.S. (Suffocation Under Drunken Slob) claims yet another tiny victim.
(Chapter 7)

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