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The Promised Land
A flood of Biblical proportions brings down death and destruction upon a shantytown.
Reuters, Jul 11, 2000


aria was clutching her son to her breast with both arms as though trying to shield him from harm.

"I had been looking for them," wept Balbuena's husband as he identified the bodies of his wife and son. "Last night I prayed I will find them, but now they are gone."

Relief officer Adela Pamat told Reuters: "Up to yesterday afternoon, we could still hear voices from below calling for help, but last night we could no longer hear them.

... About 100 people were also injured when a one-hectare (2.4-acre) section of the 10-hectare garbage dump in the Manila suburb of Quezon City crumbled after being pounded for days by typhoon Kai-Tak.

More than 100 squatter huts at the base of the massive dump, which towers over the shantytown like a volcano, were crushed in the avalanche of rubbish and mud....

(Chapter 4)

Beggar Man's Thief
Homeless man is found dead — most of him, that is ...

(Chapter 4)

In France's pressure-cooker world of haute cuisine, sour ratings can be deadly.

(Chapter 1)

Does Beheading Hurt?
Gee — what do you think?

(Chapter 10)

Hanging Around
One year later, victim still dangles from noose.

(Chapter 10)

UPDATE: A Landmark Moment
Site of New York's most famous fire tragedy is commemorated.

(Chapter 1)

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