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Pick Yer Poison
When choosing how to die, not everyone opts for the "easy" way out.
Court TV, Mar 4, 2002
If death row inmate Troy Kell gets his way, he'll die when
four .30-caliber bullets, each shot from an identical gun,
burst through his ribcage and destroy his heart.

It might not be the easy way to go for Kell, who stabbed and killed a fellow inmate in 1994 while serving time for another murder conviction. But the admitted white supremacist doesn't want to die by lethal injection, the method used in all 65 executions last year and all 11 so far this year. He wants to die in a hail of bullets, at the hands of the Utah Department of Corrections firing squad.

"[Troy] just wants to call attention to it," said Utah lawyer Steve McCaughy, who represents Kell and another Utah death row inmate who has also chosen the firing squad, still a legal method of execution in the Beehive state. "Not many states do it that way any more." McCaughy added that his client has discussed dropping his pending appeal, which could speed the execution process along. "If he sticks to his guns, that's the way he'll go ..."

(Chapter 10)

A Kiss Before Dying
Star-crossed young lovers take the express to oblivion.

(Chapter 7)

God Willing
In the endless cycle of retribution and reprisal, age knows no limit.

(Chapter 7)

A Major Embarrassment
Conservative politician's departure is less than ... conservative.

(Chapter 5)

Home Invasion
Escapee crashes card game at elderly woman's home.

(Chapter 4)

Plane Dumb Luck
Here's a new twist: plane crashes into its pilot.

(Chapter 4)

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