CHICAGO, IL — Two jilted men died in separate accidents in which they fell from apartment buildings while trying to climb in to see their girlfriends, police said yesterday.

Dale Moll, 33, a North Side businessman, fell 16 stories Saturday morning while attempting to use television cables on the roof of a high-rise to rappel to the window of his girlfriend's 15th-floor apartment, Det. Tom Johnson said. She wasn't home at the time.

Less than a half-hour later, Robert Harris, 25, fell from an eighth-story ledge while trying to get into his apartment after his girlfriend locked him out after an argument, Patrolman Joseph Mescall said. "I don't think any girl is worth it to climb that high," Mescall said.

"I don't think any girl is worth it to climb that high," Mescall said.

"Their relationship had been in an estranged state for some time and she hadn't been seeing him," Johnson said.

Moll went to the roof of the high-rise and tried to climb down television cables to gain access to his girlfriend's apartment.

Police said Moll stopped at a 16th-floor apartment and swung away when a woman inside screamed, and then the cable snapped.

"It appears that he was trying to climb down hand over hand and rappel, but the cable snapped because it was not made to support that weight."

In the second accident, Harris' girlfriend kicked him out of his apartment at a West Side housing complex run by the Chicago Housing Authority, Mescall said.

Harris then went next door to a vacant apartment and climbed out on the window ledge, then fell while trying to get into his apartment, Mescall said.