ANN ARBOR, MI — A man pulled over in Utah with two bodies in his trunk reportedly had a journal in the car with an entry reading "Torch car? ... Bury in remote area."

Patrick Daniel, 31, of Ann Arbor was arraigned Tuesday on two counts of murder in Sevier County, Utah. His attorney, John Hummel, said Daniel probably won't fight extradition to Michigan.

"Torch car? ... Bury in remote area."

from the Journal of Patrick Daniel

"There's nothing that I'm able to talk about at this time," Hummel said. "Obviously, it's a very dramatic set of events."

Utah Highway Patrol officers stopped Daniel on Thursday and found the frozen, dismembered body of a woman and the body of a man with a noose around his neck.

Police said Robert Bilton Jr., 35, of Dearborn was strangled with a wire or cord and suffered a blow to the head. The name of the 31-year-old woman was not released.

The Detroit Free Press reported Tuesday that the journal read: "Torch car? ... Bury in remote area."

Investigators said they believe Daniel was driving to Las Vegas to dispose of the bodies. He gave police a false name and told them he was on his way to visit his wife.

Troopers said they pulled Daniel over because his Missouri-registered car did not have a front license plate as required.