MARCH 23, 1900 — Louis Rice, a black who had testified for another black accused of murdering a white man, is lynched outside Ripley, Tenn.

APRIL 9, 1912 — Even after he is acquitted of writing "insulting letters" to a white girl in Shreveport, La., Tom Miles, a black is seized by a mob and lynched.

MAY 7, 1914 — After shoplifting a pair of cheap shoes in Groveton, Miss., a black named Charley Jones is taken from the custody of two officers and lynched by a mob. Jeff Brown bumped into the daughter of a white farmer.

SEP 8, 1915 — Mallie Wilson, a black, accidentally enters the hotel room occupied by a white woman in Dresden, Tenn. Wilson is jailed over the protests of the woman and her husband, and is lynched on this date by a large mob.

MARCH 31, 1916 — Jeff Brown, a black man who is running to catch a freight train pulling out of Cedar Bluff, Miss., accidentally bumps into the daughter of a white farmer; a quickly formed mob chases after Brown, jerks him from his perch in a boxcar, and lynches him on the spot.

APRIL 3, 1919 — Ex-soldier William Little, a black, is beaten to death by a white mob outside Blakely, Ga., because he continues to wear his uniform after being mustered out of the army, even though he explains that he has no other clothing.

APRIL 29, 1919 — George Holden, a black who has survived two previous lynching attempts, is taken from the baggagecar of a Vicksburg, Shreveport & Pacific train outside Shreveport, La., and lynched; Holden was accused of writing an improper note to a white woman.

MAY 8, 1920 — Henry Scott, a black porter on the Atlantic Coast line, train No. 82, is pulled off the train and shot 60 or more times outside of Tampa, Fla., by a mob of angry whites who have learned that he asked a white woman to wait until he finished making up a berth before preparing her bed.

AUG 18, 1921 — Jerome Withfield, a black suspected of raping the wife of a farmer outside Winston, N.C., is tracked down and driven to the woman's home; she tells the mob of close to 2,000 white men that Withfield is not the man, but mob leaders insist that he is, saying that the proof is in the fact that the bloodhounds have tracked him down. "Please don't hang him on my front lawn then," the woman asks; her request is granted — the mob takes Withfield down the road and hangs him in some woods.

OCT 11, 1921 — More than 500 whites tie black man Wylie McNeely to a buggy axle outside Leesburg, Tex., and burn him alive for allegedly insulting a white woman, drawing lots for the parts of the victim's anatomy regarded as choice souvenirs.
Dallas Sewell was found guilty of "passing for white"

DEC 11, 1922 — A mob unable to run down a black man accused of attacking the wife of the sheriff of Streetman, Tex., lynches the uncle of the man instead.

NOV 7, 1923 — The Ku Klux Klan of Eufala, Oka., tries Dallas Sewell, a black man, in a barn and finds him guilty of "passing for white"; he is hanged in accordance with the Klan "Kode."

DEC 19, 1925 — A mob in Clarksdale, Miss., lynches Lindsay Coleman, a black, who only minutes earlier was found not guilty of murdering wealthy plantation store manager Grover C. Nicholas.

JUNE 2, 1925 — Black man Albert Blades stumbles into a picnic area and accidentally frightens some young white girls; he is [yep, you guessed it ...] lynched outside Osceola, Ark.

MARCH 2, 1939 — A young man and woman are whipped to death in a lover's lane outside Atlanta, Ga., for violating the "Moral Kode" of the Ku Klux Klan.

MARCH 26, 1944 — A mob of white men, after learning that the 220-acre farm owned by black minister Rev. Isaac Simmons has oil deposits, take Simmons and his son Eldridge for a country drive, shooting the minister to death (and breaking his bones and cutting out his tongue after death) and beating the son mercilessly before running him out of the county; although Eldridge Simmons will later name the killers, a local coroner's jury in Amite County, Miss., will return a verdict that Rev. Simmons has been killed "at the hands of unknown parties."


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