MEXICO CITY, MEXICO — A Mexican jail warden fell to his death while spying on couples during their conjugal visits, crashing down next to a Nicaraguan prisoner and his wife having sex, local media reported on Tuesday.

The warden had with him binoculars and a pornographic magazine. Raul Zarate Diaz, prison warden in Tapachula, on Mexico's southern border with Guatemala, fell 23 feet (7 metres) to his death after tripping on a skylight looking over the conjugal visits section, La Cronica newspaper and InfoRed radio said.

The warden had with him binoculars and a pornographic magazine, La Cronica said, citing local law enforcement sources.

An official answering the phone at the prison told Reuters on Tuesday that police were investigating but refused to provide further details.

The prisoner who was interrupted attempted to start a riot, but the intent was squelched by prison security, the newspaper said.

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