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Strange, when you come to think of it, that of all the countless folk who have lived before our time on this planet not one is known to in history or in legend as having died of laughter.

Sir Max Beerbohm, Laughter, c. 1950

WELCOME TO AIN'T NO WAY TO GO, TM a collection of news and magazine articles I've collected over the past two decades, all relating to the various ways people have departed this sphere of existence, some humorous, some horrific.

To those of the faint of heart, if you dare continue, I would suggest you start each chapter with the "News Nuggets." These stories tend to be more humorous, and thus may put you in the mood to read the feature-length articles.

As mentioned, this collection brings together some dozens upon dozens of articles, and as long as humans remain mortal, this collection will grow. And submissions are always welcome. For those insatiable news hounds among you, links to other sources of Web weirdness can be found in the bibliography

It should be noted that none of theses stories has been reprinted with permission.

Contact me at to send raves, rants, submissions, suggestions and questions.

Dave Hill

Editor, Webmaster


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