CAIRO, EGYPT — A woman, weighing 352 pounds, sat on her husband's head until he suffocated to death following a dispute over his will, police officials said Sunday.

Fawakih Ibrahim Abdel-Latif killed her husband, Sayed Ahmed, — who weighed 121 pounds — Saturday after discovering he had left more land in his will for his four children from his first wife than the three he had with her.

The 352 pound woman sat on her 84-year-old husband's head until he suffocated.

Abdel-Latif, 62, pushed her 84-year-old husband to the ground and with his face down sat on his head until he suffocated to death, said the officials, speaking on customary condition of anonymity.

Ahmed was married to both Abdel-Latif and his first wife. Islam allows men to have up to four wives at the same time.

Police arrested Abdel-Latif, who confessed to killing her husband.

She could face the death penalty if convicted.