COPENHAGEN, DENMARK — Frederik the elephant, who had been pestered for years by seven aggressive she-elephants, died of a heart attack brought on by stress, his keeper said Friday.

"It was as if he'd given up hope for a decent life after the rough treatment he suffered at the hands [hands...?] of his wives recently," said Leif Nielsen, director of the Givskud Lion Park zoo in Jutland, west Denmark.

When Frederik would turn his attentions to one female, the others would mob him out of jealousy.

Nielsen said that on Monday three of the female elephants with whom Frederik had shared a yard for years ganged up on him a shoved him into a pond.

"Frederik has always been a bit frail," said Nielsen. "He couldn't fend for himself and never recovered from his bout in the pond."

The 16-year-old, three-ton elephant had to be lifted from the water with a crane. Two veterinarians worked for four hours to save Frederik's life, but the pachyderm died Thursday.

Every time Frederik tried to turn his amorous attentions to one female, the others would mob him out of jealousy, said Nielsen.

The zoo is considering acquiring a new, more robust male elephant who can cope with the females and sire offspring.