Diamonds are Forever:
Associated Press, Nov 26, 2004
  Company converts departed family members into the family jewels.  
30 Minutes or Less:
USA Today, Sep 17, 2003
  Hapless pizza man pays ultimate price for failing to deliver on time.  
Seppuku by Train:
Mainichi Shimbun (Tokyo), 2000 - 2002
  At the end of the line is where some Japanese decide to catch the train.  
Little Williamses All Over the World:
New York Daily News, Jul 09, 2002
  If his son gets his way, Baseball's Splendid Splinter will bat again.  
Pick Yer Poison:
Court TV, Mar 4, 2002
  When choosing how to die, not everyone opts for the "easy" way out.  
The Ghosts of Chickamauga:
Newsweek, Mar 4, 2002
  At a crematory in Georgia, the dead have been quietly piling up for years.  
Suicide For Dummies:
Guardian Unlimited, Dec 10, 1999
  Japanese self-slaughter manual is runaway best-seller.  
The Klondike Steam Kettle:
Allen Hornblum, Philadelphia Weekly, Aug 23, 1995
  A look back at the most gruesome chapter in America's prison history.  
Neither Heav'n Nor Hell:
R. Albert Mohler Jr., Religion News Service (AP), Aug 10, 1999
  The Vatican decides it's finally time to chuck the haloes and horns.  
Dead Man Talking:
Philadelphia Inquirer, Jan 23, 1987
  A State Treasurer calls his last public news conference.
WARNING: Includes footage of graphic violence.
Just a Spark:
Reuters, Oct 19, 1998
  Pressing mob at oil pipeline ignites into pandemonium — literally.  
Food for Thought:
Toronto Star, Sep 1, 1987
  Prisoner attempts religious conversion through diet.  
Like Thunder Follows Lightning:
USA Today, Nov 21, 1997
  In less than a second a bomb strikes twice ...  
Take My Life — Please!:
North Carolina News & Observer, Nov 3, 1996
  Anything can be found on the Net. Even death.  
Just a PR Problem:
Dallas Morning News, Jun 29, 1991
  On selling the "Murder Capital" to the touristas.  

Finger-Lickin' Good
Reuters, May 4, 2003
  Cambodian crematory operators and the art of fine dining.  
Does Beheading Hurt?
newscientist.com, No date given
  Gee — what do you think?  
Hanging Around:
Associated Press, Jan 30, 2003
  One year later, victim still dangles from noose.  
Gone to America:
Reuters, Dec 4, 2002
  44 years later, Italian man returns from trip he never took.  
Suicide by Croc:
Agence France-Presse, Aug 13, 2002
  As promised, a despondent zoo visitor shares her grief — with hundreds of crocodiles.  
Up on the Roof:
Reuters, Aug 14, 2002
  Frisbee pioneer becomes one with his invention.  
A Bad Hair Day:
Associated Press, Jul 1, 2002
  Two kids expire in car while mom's hair appointment runs longer than expected.  
Suicide by Cat:
Reuters, Jan 25, 2002
  Despondent zoo visitor decides to share his grief — with 10 lions.  
An Unscheduled Departure:
Reuters, Dec 16, 2000
  Despondent airline passenger decides to disembark ahead of schedule.  
Pet Food:
Knight Ridder, Jan 19, 2002
  You can never have too many giant lizards — or can you?  
A Short Happy Life:
Associated Press, Dec 6, 1999
  Marriage, death, & childbirth — all in less than a day!  
Not in the Stars:
South China Morning Post, Sep 2, 1999
  Supposed widow-to-be thwarts astrologers' predictions.  
Dial M for Mishap:
This is London (Evening Standard Online), Sep 01 1999
  Over a mobile phone, a woman hears her ex-husband crash his car.  
Heads Up:
MSNBC.com, Jul 8, 1999
  Matricidal fugitive demonstrates suicidal versatility with safety belt.  
Thanks for the Rescue:
United Press International, May 18, 1975
  Suicidal pole sitter changes mind — only to foul up own rescue attempt.  
Love You to Death:
Associated Press, Jun 19, 1999
  Sex games climax in family tragedy when dad discovers mom's not faking it.  
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Reuters, Apr 11, 1989
  Baldie arranges own murder when hair cure fails.  
Cancer? No, Sir ...
Associated Press, Feb 8, 1999
  Husband discovers wife not dying of cancer — after shooting her to death in hospital.  
Got a Match?
Philadelphia Inquirer, Jul 3, 1991
  When a crash victim's car fails to combust, he goes looking for matches.  
Got Milk?
Reuters, Jan 5, 1998
  A brief public service announcement for our Japanese friends.  
No Experience Necessary:
Associated Press, Jul 3, 1991
  Lessons in skydiving safety were the furthest thing from this man's mind.  
Runway Rambo:
Associated Press, Jan 15, 1990
  Naked berserker takes on airport security.  
Kiss of Death:
Reuters, Oct 2, 1986
  Bride and groom succumb to nuptial passion.  
Achy, Achy Heart:
Vancouver Sun, Jun 11, 1987
  One man's unique solution to the heartfelt pain of angina.  
Guess She'll Miss Dinner, Too:
United Press International, May 13 1987
  Daylight-saving time claims another victim.  
Stuck on You:
Associated Foreign Press, Jun 27, 1986
  Jilted husband cements the bonds between his wife and her lover.  
Two Friends, One Bullet:
Detroit News, Feb 2, 1998
  Never sit next to a guy with a gun to his head.  
Chastity No Longer a Worry:
Reuters, June 29, 1987
  A home-made chastity belt & a rusty lock.  
Chalk One Up For Ol' Scratch:
Associated Press, Jul 17, 1991
  Disillusioned priest gives God a piece of his mind.  
Party Pooper:
United Press International, Aug 2, 1985
  Lifeguards celebrate drown-free summer — prematurely.  
Bait and Switch:
United Press International, Jan 15, 1988
  Old sales technique gets new twist.  
Hijack to Hell:
The Washington Post, Apr 6, 1990
  Not your ordinary case of life insurance fraud.  
His First Hunt:
Associated Press, Nov 25, 1991
  First hunting trip with dad is brief.