All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.

George Orwell, Animal Farm,1945

  Rover Rage:
The Washington Post, Mar 7, 2000
  Enraged motorist tosses pooch into moving traffic.  
  A Claw For a Claw:
E.P. Evans, The Capital Punishment of Animals, 1906
  In mediæval jurisprudence, no beast is above the law.  
Lady Bluebeard:
J.H. Fabre, Social Life in the Insect World, 1915
  Love conquers death in the mantis' boudoir.  
  Killed With Kindness:
Philadelphia Inquirer, Sep 17, 1991
  Gentle and humane ritual slaughter, in accordance with the Torah.  
This Little Piggy:
A. Tyler, This Little Piggy ..., RAW, Vol 2, #2, 1990
  The last thing every little piggy sees on the way to market.  
Icarus Revisited:
Robert Scheer, With Enough Shovels, 1983
  An allegory on playing with nuclear fire.  

Please Touch Museum:
Associated Press, May 19, 2003
  Art tempts death at a Danish exhibit.  
Kit Hit:
Northern Territory News (Australia), Jul 13, 2003
  Russian mob rubs out its latest foe — a caviar-sniffing cat.  
Last Days of the Condor:
Associated Press, Oct 23, 2002
  Another reason to keep the kids away from junk food ...  
... And Your Little Dog Too!:
New York Daily News, Dec 20, 2002
  Enraged boyfriend tosses pooch off hi-rise balcony.  
Smothered With Love:
Associated Press, Mar 1, 1992
  Being smothered with love can be fatal — when your mother's a hippo.  
Unclaimed Freight:
Associated Press, Apr 15, 1999
  Airline uses shredder to dispose of unclaimed baggage — 440 squirrels.  
For the Victims, a Blessing:
Washington Post, Dec 8, 1988
  A building mishap spares a colony of AIDS-infected mice.  
Don't Turn on the Lights:
United Press International, Apr 19, 1988
  If you don't want to know what's for dinner — don't ask.  
Danish Bacon:
Reuters, Jun 11, 1998
  NATO's taste in targets for its high-velocity weaponry leaves the English a little queasy.  
Time for an 'Ant'-Acid:
Reuters, Jun 3, 1998
  Why you should always pace yourself with spicy Latin cuisine.  
Invasion of the Body Snatchers:
Donald Carr, The Deadly Feast of Life, 1971
  An eerie and diabolical tale of animal possession.  
Associated Press, July 25, 1986
  On being nagged to death by seven three-ton bitches.  
Party Animals:
United Press International, March 8, 1987
  Riding donkeys to death in Spain — for sport.  
The Last Bear:
Reuters, Sept 4, 1992
  Sarajevo's forgotten zoo creatures.