No one owns life, but anyone who can pick up a frying pan owns death.

William S. Burroughs

Sweet Child of Mine:
Associated Press, Dec 17, 2004
  When maternal instincts lead to murder.  
Terror Plot:
Associated Press, May 1, 2004
  Macedonia's unsuspecting recruits in the war on terror.  
Slaughter and Consumption:
Associated Press, Dec 3, 2003
  Internet advertiser finds volunteer good enough to eat.  
Death by Dishonor:
New York Times, Jul 13, 2003
  In Turkey, the honor of one's family is still writ in blood.  
The Hood Ornament:
Fox News, Mar 9, 2002
  Hit-and-run leaves victim to die — in her garage.  
Los Angeles Times, June 10, 1998
  Revisiting the single most heinous crime of 1998.  
An Apartment to Die Kill For:
New York Daily News, May 29, 2001
  Finding an apartment in New York keeps getting tougher — unless you have a plan.  
Born to Die:
Associated Press, Jun 27, 1999
  A new father's diabolic revenge plan against his wife.  
With Extreme Prejudice:
New York Times, Feb 6, 1999
  Four cops, one immigrant and 41 bullets add up to an urban nightmare.  
Burning Brides:
New York Times, Jan 15, 1989
  A Middle Eastern solution to the problem of divorce — immoliation.  

Just a Trim:
New York Daily News, Feb 7, 2003
  Son takes issue with dad's pedicure.  
Murder by Bagel:
Associated Press, May 14, 2003
  A classic lover's triangle comes full circle — with a doughy twist.  
In Hot Water:
New York Daily News, Dec 17, 2002
  Where a friend ends up trying to spar a fight between a pal and his girl.  
When Good Santas Go Bad:
The Detroit News, Nov 7, 2002
  If anyone's gonna lose it at Christmas, it's gotta be Santa.  
Maxed Out:
Associated Press, May 13, 2002
  A prodigal son maxes out his family's credit card — then his family.  
Note to Self:
Associated Press, Mar 19, 2002
  Planning is usually a good thing — until the police find your notes.  
Look at You Now:
Associated Press, Feb 4, 2002
  Always ask your girlfriend if her ex carries a machete.  
Terminal Care:
BBC News Online, Nov 13, 2001
  Nurse takes offense at elderly charge's discharges.  
Slaughterhouse Wive:
Reuters, Nov 9, 2001
  Hell hath no fury like an abbatoiress spurned.  
Prey is Prey:
Reuters, Dec 1, 1999
  A 2,000-year-old vampire gets his day in court.  
Slow Bullet:
Associated Press, Jan 20, 1988
  After 20 years, a bullet kills its victim — who outlived the shooter.  
Bail and Lynch:
Times of London, Jul 5, 1999
  In South Africa, it pays to know who's paying your bail.  
Shot on Video
Daily Pennsylvanian (Univ of Pa), Jan 20, 1993
  Grieving dad kills ex-wife at daughter's grave — as TV cameras roll.  
Reuters, Feb 12, 1986
  Psychologist puts a permanent end to murderer's confessions.  
Weighty Matters:
Associated Press, Sep 20, 1998
  Wrathful and weighty wife gives husband a piece of her ...  
44 Years of Southern Justice:
Nash's Crime Chronology..., 1984
  Crimes of Hate. 'Nuff said.  
Revenge of the Nerd:
Washington Post, Aug 8, 1991
  No one likes being disturbed in the shower. Especially this nerd.  
Shoulda Seen It Coming ...
Associated Press, Jan 19, 1998
  Daughter's $20,000 psychic hotline bill
costs her an arm and a leg and a head ...
The Hot Seat:
London Times, Sep 21, 1943
  Army private puts whoopie cushion in dad's wheelchair.  
A Murder of Small Significance:
The London Times, Aug 27, 1951
  Murderer seeks credit for the 'perfect crime.'  
Old Habits Die Hard:
Associated Press, Jul 10, 1987
  A civil servant, his wife, a mustard pot and a newspaper.