Technology ... is a queer thing. It brings you great gifts with one hand, and it stabs you in the back with the other.

Sir Charles Percy Snow, New York Times, Mar 15, 1971

Look What They've Done to My Head:
Los Angeles Times, Jun 3, 2004
  You never know where you'll turn up next.  
Harvest Time:
Associated Press, Aug 28, 2002
  When the heart stops first, plans can turn for the worse.  
To Science the Spoils:
The Guardian (London), Aug 30, 2002
  Donating your body to science? Londoners offer their opinions.  
Down on the Farm:
New York Times Magazine, Dec 3, 2000
  On a one-of-a-kind farm in Tennessee, bodies grow ripe in the Southern sun.  
Life After Death:
Los Angeles Times, Feb 10, 1997
  Doctor is powerless to pull the plug on cadaver occupying bed in critical-care unit.  
Drinks are On the House:
Los Angeles Times, Jun 11, 1998
  Alcoholism counselors grow too fond of aversion therapy.  
  Blunder Drug:
Los Angeles Times, Jun 10, 1998
  Popular impotence cure Viagra leaves some users a little stiffer than expected.  
  As I Lay Dying:
Associated Press, May 18, 1998
  A Chicago hospital adheres to its Hypocritic Oath.  
The "Great Northern Anatomist":
Dr. Richard Gordon, Great Medical Disasters, 1983
  Meet Dr. Robert Liston — inventor, horseman & gentleman butcher.  
All That Glitters:
Knight-Ridder, Oct 19, 1987
  Unwitting scrapmen find discarded irradiation machine.  
  Head First Into the Future:
Elizabeth Sanger, Newsday, Jan 31, 1988
  Dip your head in liquid nitrogen and live forever.  

Reuters, Aug 23, 2003
  Rocket ship goes everywhere but up on launch.  
Dead Wrong:
Associated Press, Feb 8, 2002
  Mistaken paramedics dispose of live baby.  
Dead Wrong — Again:
Associated Press, Feb 12, 2002
  Mistaken paramedics dispose of live granny.  
A Hairy Operation:
Associated Press, Aug 21, 1999
  Doctors remove giant hairball from hairdressing student.  
Welcome to My Nightmare:
Philadelphia Inquirer, Apr 23, 1999
  Doctor attempting to cheat death gets life.  
Take My Leg, Please!:
Associated Press, Sep 19, 1998
  Why amputation fantasies never live up to reality.  
  Sure-Fire Cancer Cure:
United Press International, May 20, 1987
  Cancer patient is hit with 2800 pounds of cure.  
  These Lips are Sealed:
Reuters, June 2, 1994
  Lounge singer attempts to trade potbelly for plump penis.  
  A Fatal Thirst for Knowledge:
New York Times, May 21, 1924
  Occultist takes the ultimate test.  
Teacher's Pet:
Panati's Extraordinary Endings..., 1989
  Student injects self with syphillis — before an audience.  
A Lesson From Nurse Manners:
Associated Press, Mar 7, 1984
  Always be polite on the phone — or else.