Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.
(Pleasing and proper it is to die for one's country.)

Horace, Odes III, c. 23 B.C.

Cold Hard Proof:
Los Angeles Times, Mar 15, 1998
  The frozen pilot behind the CIA's oldest, best-known "secret."  
  Hell on the Iowa:
Penthouse, January 1990
  Exploding gun turret on Navy ship turns men to "soup."  
  Deadly Duds:
Associated Press, March 5, 1991
  When soldiers fall prey to their own artillery.  

Have Pygmy, Will Eat:
Associated Press, Jan 9, 2002
  Congo rebels needn't go hungry with such helpful guides around.  
A Final Rehearsal:
Reuters, Mar 7, 1993
  "Body-heat seeking" missle finds five.  
Human Hailstones:
The People's Almanac #2, 1978
  Four German parachutists freeze to death.  
Falling Askew:
The Washington Post, Dec 3, 1990
  US Reserve parachutist drowns in pool of manure.  
Star-Tribune (Minneapolis and St. Paul), Jan 4, 1988
  South African soldiers find malaria while looking for a good tan.