Though Olympus pierce the very skies, in all the history of Earth, there's never been a heaven, never been a house of gods ... that was not built on human bones.

Alan Moore, Miracle Man, Issue #15
Eclipse Comics, November 1988

Associated Press, Feb 25, 2003
  In France's pressure-cooker world of haute cuisine, sour ratings can be deadly.  
Associated Press, Feb 12, 2002
  A dying breed await restitution from the government.  
Ratings Plummet:
Associated Press, May 25, 1999
  An elaborate stunt backfires, sending the scion of a wrestling family to the mat.  
All Work and No Play ...
Associated Press, Jun 16, 1998
  Why the Japanese are killing themselves over work.  
The Towering Inferno:
New York Times, Mar 26, 1911
  Infamous New York flash fire consumes 146 sweatshop workers.  
  The Twilight Zone:
Farber & Green, Outrageous Conduct, 1988
  Helicopter kills three on movie set, including lead actor Vic Morrow.  
The King is Dead:
Associated Press, March 22, 1988
  AIDS claims porn star John Holmes.  
From Dust to Dust:
Knight-Ridder, Mar 6, 1988
  On the explosive contents of certain midwestern silos.  

Feeling Chipper:
Associated Press, Jun 16, 2003
  The absolutely wrongest way to operate an industrial wood chipper.  
Fresh Kill:
Deutsche Presse-Agentur, Aug 21, 2002
  Who'd ever guess fresh food could be bad for you?  
A View to a Thrill:
Reuters, Nov 11, 1999
  Jailhouse turnkey crashes couple's reunion.  
Taken Out With the Trash:
Associated Press, Jun 8, 1991
  Garbageman's antics get him flattened.  
Dreams Die Hard:
New York Post, Apr 3, 1999
  Aspiring actor achieves dream — front page news.  
A Clean Finish:
Boston Globe, Nov 22, 1990
  Laundry worker is taken out with the wash.  
But Can He Keep the Job?:
Philadelphia Inquirer, Oct 22, 1990
  "Haunted Hangman" hanged.  
"Things Happen":
Sunday Patriot-News {Harrisburg, PA}, Dec 17, 1989
  Molten steel. (Why say more?)  
In Deep:
Associated Press, Apr 10,1985
  Farm laborer drowns in 50,000 gallon vat of manure.  
A Picture Perfect Drop:
Associated Press, Apr 5, 1988
  Skydiving instructor films own two mile drop — sans chute.  
Cashed Out:
Los Angeles Times, Feb 4, 1986
  Armored car guard is buried under $50,000 — in quarters.