PHILADELPHIA, PA — The burglar cut a hole big enough to slip through the roof of the Logan market.

Or so she thought.

She slithered down into the building, her arms above her, but as she was about to break through the ceiling, a portion of it collapsed, trapping her by the neck on some pipes, police said.

She hung from the ceiling by the neck for days without food or water.

The fall didn't kill her though.

The woman hung suspended from the ceiling by the neck for days without food or water.

Yesterday the wife of the store owner found her there dead. Her decomposing body was still dangling from the ceiling, police said.

Another attempted theft at the Bellwin Market, at 16th Street and Windrim Avenue, was the reason for the market's closure this week, police said yesterday.

On Dec. 7 owner Dong Woon, 52 of Lansdale, was shot once in the eye after an attempted robbery. That suspect is still at large, police said.

The store had been shut since.

Woon's wife had last checked on the store Dec. 9. She found the would-be burglar about noon yesterday during her latest check.

The victim, who was not identified, was believed to be between the ages of 25 and 30.

[Thanks again to Mike Villers for this contribution.]