AMMAN, JORDAN — Five men drowned in northern Jordan on Thursday after one of them jumped into a well to recover his car keys and the rest plunged in one after the other to try to save him, the official Petra news agency reported.

It said the first man dropped his keys into the stone well, dived in to get them back, but rapidly lost consciousness.

His brother tried to save him, then the third, the fourth, the fifth ...

"The other tried to save him, then the third and the fourth and the fifth," the agency said. They were taken to hospital in Deir Abi Saeed, near the northern city of Irbid, but all died.

The agency named the five victims as brothers Qassem, Hamdan and Musleh Saleh, all in their 20s, and brothers Rateb and Firas Khalil.

A sixth man who jumped in the well, Taha Mohammad, survived, Petra said.