"All the News That's Twisted to Fit." Strange and reportedly true news stories in an easily-digestible factoid formula.
Borrowed Time
Poetry, lyrics, quotations for the morbidly literate and the literally morbid.
Darwin Awards
The Oscars of stupid deaths & senseless human tradegy. Be forewarned, very few of these stories have been actually verified. (But that would be spoiling the fun, wouldn't it?)
Death 'N Dementia
A growing web portal for all things dark & disturbing.
Death News Homepage
Paid subscription-only scenes of graphic violence and death--censored from TV news--proven to induce unease among its viewers. Must be over 18 to subscribe.
The Death Clock
The hourglass of the Net, where you can find out how many seconds you have left to live.
Death Fun
One of the Net's more voluminous hit lists.
The Journal of Contemporary Obituaries. Blistering obits written as they would if we all weren't so polite.
News of the Weird
Chuck Shepherd's weekly syndicated synopses of bizarre news stories, carried in over 200 newspapers.
The Straight Dope
The authorized Internet home of Cecil Adams, World's Smartest Human Being, and his famous syndicated column.
Harry Farkas' Bizarre Occurrences and Weirdology Network
Expose hypocrisy with the former editor and publisher of "The Journal of Bizarre Occurrences and Ridiculous Deaths" and frequent contributor to "News of the Weird" (see link above).
AFU (alt.folklore.urban) and Urban Legends Archive
Search the contents of the Net's largest collection of those ubiquitous and mysterious stories that are just too funny to be true.
Urban Legends Reference Page
More legends to search among, fully and thoughtfully debunked.


Event Horizon
Sci-fi, fantasy & horror for the digerati. Interviews, chats, collaborative story-writing and other serious fun.

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