ONTARIO, CANADA — George Kindler wanted to teach his childen how electricity works — but his home experiment failed and a surge of power killed him.

Kindler, 37, hooked a light blub to his truck battery and held on to a battery charger in an attempt to get the bulb to light up for Tracy, 15, and Crystl, 10.

"He was showing his kids how his body could carry an electrical charge," said Staff Sgt. Ray Brooks.

But the battery charger was not grounded — Kindler had taken the ground plug off. No inquest will be held, because Kindler had not followed the battery charger instructions. Inquests are held only to determine whether precautions should be taken in the future.

"He wasn't using his better judgment," said coroner Dr. David Collins. "I've never heard of someone trying to get a light bulb to light up by holding up a battery charge."