BRONX, NY — A Westchester baseball fan has died at Yankee Stadium after falling off an escalator. He plunged nearly 100 feet to his death yesterday.

Authorities say 37-year-old Francisco Munoz was sitting on the handrail of an escalator near the left field stands when he lost his balance and fell backward. He fell out of the view of most fans.

Munoz slipped off the escalator's handrail and plummeted 100 feet.

The game continued uninterrupted.

Munoz lived in Sleepy Hollow. He fell at 5:30 in the evening, an hour before the game ended. He was taken to Lincoln Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

QUEENS, NY — A spectator at the Mets-Houston Astros game at Shea Stadium died last night after he fell 100 feet off an escalator.

Mark Leddy, 21 years old, of Yonkers, was pronounced dead on arrival at Elmhurst General Hospital in Queens.

Leddy slipped off the escalator's handrail and plummeted 100 feet.

According to the police, Mr. Leddy was sliding down the rubber railing on a non-operating escalator from the upper-deck after the game.

About 25 feet before he reached the mezzanine level, he apparently lost his balance and fell off the escalator, the police said. His fall was broken about 15 feet from street level by a steam pipe, but Mr. Leddy suffered fatal head injuries and leg injuries.