ST PETERSBURG, FL — A man apparently bent on revenge tried to set a neighbor's house on fire, then died when his getaway truck burst into flames, authorities said.

Eldon "Sonny" Green died Sunday night at Tampa General Hospital.

Green, while driving his truck early Sunday, lighted a plastic bottle filled with gasoline and hurled it at the home of Joseph Carnesi, police said. He tried to drive away but crashed into a tree about 40 feet away, and the truck burst into flames.

He tried to drive away but crashed into a tree. The truck burst into flames.

Witnesses found Green's body engulfed in flames.

"His entire body was on fire. It was awful," said neighbor Scott Rollins, who looked outside when he heard screams.

There had been animosity between Green and Carnesi for months, police said.

Carnesi was charged with sexual assault in June on a relative of Green's, but pleaded no contest to a reduced charge of battery, court records show. Since the case's settlement, Carnesi said Green and others had threatened him.

Green's apparent arson attempt caused only minor damage to the roof of Carnesi's home.